Celebrate National Recovery Month!


SucceedMany celebrate September as the beginning of a transitional time. For some, it marks the beginning of the school year and another chance for many young people to re-introduce themselves to their classmates as new and better people. For others, it’s also a time to reflect on our pasts and accomplishments. As National Recovery Month continues in full-swing, GateHouse Sober Community wants to acknowledge what this month is, what it accomplishes for our halfway home locations and the how it can help those who are focused on long-term recovery.

  • National Recovery Month is sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA)
  • This month-long event is used to increase the awareness of substance use recovery and celebrate the successes of those who have suffered
  • The theme of this year’s recovery month is, “Join the voices for recovery. Our families, our stories, our recovery!”
  • SAMHSA’s website has a calendar/list of events that will take place throughout the month to support the cause, and even allow you to look up your area so you and your loved ones are able to attend
  • By normalizing addiction as a disease, treatment facilities, organizations, and other programs help others diminish the stigma surrounding addiction while offering resources for those who are in need of recovery or halfway home treatment services

Participating in National Recovery Month can be as simple as talking about your own struggles with addiction. Create discussion and conversation around how you improved your life, be a resource for those who might need help, and don’t be afraid of letting your voice be heard.

GateHouse is a 12-step community that is eager to talk about National Recovery Month and be a positive voice in our community to advocate for halfway home locations. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, please contact us today at (855) 448-3638.

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