6 Things To Look For In A Support System In Early Recovery

6 Things To Look For In A Support System In Early Recovery

For newly sober people, finding a positive support system is difficult. While some people may be aware that you are trying to change your life, they might not always consider your lifestyle change. Even family members can be submissive whenever it comes down to your sobriety.  Chances are, if you come from a family with a history of drug and alcohol abuse, they may not understand why you are choosing to set a new course in your life.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you should love them any less, it just says that you should limit your time with them. Generally speaking, sometimes separation helps you with your elevation.  And while you can’t change everyone around you, you can always improve yourself.  Henceforth, once you turn yourself, you can set an example for your family.  So, how do you find the right support system to help you in early recovery after drug rehab? What kind of people kind of people do you want in your support system? If you’re not sure how to find a support system that can help you stay sober, let us help you. Check out top things that you should look for in a support system.

    1. Accountability:

    One of the best kinds of sober communities for people in early recovery is one that holds you accountable for your actions.  With the right people on your, they will help you see your greatness even when you can’t see it in yourself.  Building relationships with accountability partners are great because they help you reach your goals. They also help you avoid making adverse decisions. Also, finding the right people to hold you accountable can help you raise your standards.  At the same time, sober living accountability partners can give you real feedback. In the process, they can help you spot things about yourself that might have missed.

    Let’s face it. It’s hard for us to see our weaknesses. Therefore an accountability partner can help us understand ourselves in a real light.

    1. Education

    When it comes down to finding the right group of people to support group, you should consider finding a group of people that can teach you. With the appropriate amount of knowledge, you can see things more clearly. You can also overcome obstacles that stood in your way. Not to mention, these people can help you advance in your drug addiction recovery process. While you have already learned a lot about your condition, it hurts to learn more. At the same time learning is a process that never ends. Not to mention,  with the right knowledge you can avoid going down the wrong path.

    1. Purpose

    The next thing you should look for in a sober living support group is a shared vision. If you’re already on the path to living a clean and sober life, you should find a group that stands for the same thing. Aligning yourself with groups that don’t share your vision can set you back. Even worst, such groups can cause you to relapse. With this in mind, you need to find a group that is focused on your sobriety. If you’re not sure where to find a support group that shares your vision you can always contact Gatehouse Sober Community.

    1. Constructive Communication

    As far as communication goes, you should consider finding a group that knows how to give you constructive feedback. While you’re looking for a group to help you with build your self-esteem, you’re also looking for a support group that can give you constructive criticism. Believe it or not, people that give you honest criticism are the people that care the most about your success. In comparison to people that never tell you the truth about your actions, they want to see you grow.

    1. Non-Judgmental

    If you’re looking for a productive system, find a group of people that you can be yourself with.  In most cases, sober living communities make it easy for people in early recovery to be themselves without anyone judging them because of their past. Sober living communities also open up the door for people express themselves and there without being judged. In the process, you can also learn how to understand the world instead of overreacting to everything. All in all, you should always seek to find people who will not judge you for your mistakes.

    1. Dependable

    Aside from aligning yourself with nonjudgmental people, you should consider finding a group of people that you can depend on. There’s nothing like having someone that you can turn to whenever you need help. Even if you’re looking for someone to talk to about your struggles in early recovery, you should find a group of people that you can depend on. This is important because talking your problems to someone can help you relieve your self of stress. It can also help you focus more clearly on your goals.

    How To Find The Right Sober Living Support Group?

    If you’re still having trouble finding a support group, you should consider Gatehouse Sober Community. Here at our local sober community, we take pride in offering people in early recovery the support that they need. We offer group therapy sessions, 12-step AA courses, and more.  We also offer a sober living environment to help people just like. As a sober living community, we understand how difficult it can be to transition back into the real world. Therefore, we are here to help you. Contact us today at 855-448-3588.

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