Sober Living

GateHouse Sober Living offers a supportive and therapeutic environment, different ways to pursue personal growth, and a sober environment that will allow you to build lasting sobriety. In addition to evidence-based therapies, support groups, and individual counseling, we have a number of activities and events to build camaraderie, develop social skills, and have fun in sobriety. We have house activities such as volunteering, hiking trips, outdoor team building activities such as snowboarding, paint-balling and sports events. GateHouse Sober Community offers structured sober living programs for men and women who want to build sober and fulfilling lives, one step at a time. Ask any of the thousands of GateHouse alumni about our program, and they can tell you about the outsize impact our community has had in helping them personally build ongoing recovery.

Our Community Provides

A Safe Sober Living Environment in New Hampshire

Sober living is the often the next step for those coming out of treatment or an Intensive Outpatient program. GateHouse offers the best sober living program in Nashua, New Hampshire. We have a safe, structured environment available to the men and women who want to build sobriety. We know the chaos you've faced in active addiction. We're here to show the opposite of that is possible. You can build a life in sobriety worth living, and GateHouse Sober Community can help you make that dream a reality.

Our sober living programs are also designed around therapies, group sessions, one on one individual sessions, and activities designed to help you re-integrate into normal productive life.

Our homes are modern, clean, safe and the perfect place to start your new way of life. All our sober living homes in Nashua are gender-specific, just as the treatment at GateHouse is. It is crucial that everyone in our houses feel at home. It offers you the opportunity to learn how to integrate with others again and form healthy friendships.

House meetings are vital to keeping the atmosphere of the houses healthy and conducive to recovery. House meetings are a way of staying on top of everything, making sure everyone is being held accountable, and ensuring house dynamics are healthy and supportive.

This gives everyone a chance to confront any issues that may have arisen in a healthy, productive way. House meetings are an excellent way to put the skills you've been learning in therapy and 12 step meetings into practice.

House meetings are also a check-in process. By having an open dialogue, it allows you to learn to learn how to hold yourself accountable.

Accountability is something we must learn again when coming into recovery; our weekly house meetings are a way for us to utilize what we've been taught. When we continually practice accountability, it becomes a habit, not a forced action.

Weekly House Meetings

Accountability and Goal Setting

As mentioned above, accountability is a huge part of recovery. It is something we have to apply to every aspect of our lives. Learning how to set goals is also something that needs to be discovered again, especially when it comes to setting realistic goals.

This gives you a chance to learn how to break down immediate, short-term, and long-term goals, and how to work towards them.

Learning how to set reasonable goals keeps you from getting overwhelmed. Once we learn how to manage regular tasks like this, it allows room for growth.

When you reach the goals you have set, it gives you a sense of accomplishment. It also holds you accountable to yourself. When you can be accountable to yourself, you can be responsible for others as well; it helps teach integrity.

Case Management is often an overlooked aspect in most treatment centers, and many times clients can feel overwhelmed by managing life on life's terms. GateHouse is here for you, in every aspect of your newfound sobriety, and our case managers can guide you. GateHouse Sober Community Case Management is here to help with the challenges and tasks that life throws your way.

At GateHouse we have a talented team of case managers that can help you. You have one-on-one sessions with your case manager from the time you enter GateHouse to the time you leave. They are here to help you, every step of the way.

Case Managers offer a plethora of resources and services to you. From resources for those struggling with mental health, helping to handle ongoing legal issues, budgeting and crafting a discharge plan.

Case management doesn't end after discharge; our goal is to give you the skills needed to handle sobriety and your life after you leave our sober community. The foundation you build here is meant to help carry you the rest of your life.

Each case manager will check up on our alumni clients for a period after discharge, and our continued support for our alumni is well known.

1-on-1 Recovery Coaching

Meditation Sessions

There are many questions when it comes to meditation. There are also doubts as to if you're able to do it. Try thinking of it as a quiet reflection.

Meditation can be done by anyone and is a beneficial tool. We like to show you that you can start at any point with meditation. It is utilized by many of us in recovery and is part of a 12-step program.

Contrary to what many envision when the word meditation crosses their mind, there are many forms. We encourage you to incorporate it into your recovery program and to use it as a healthy coping skill. Meditation can be extremely beneficial to you and your serenity.

Meditation is just another facet of recovery we like to incorporate into our sober community.

We stand by the foundation of GateHouse being a sober community. A community is a group of people having a particular characteristic in common.

We foster the idea of community in our homes, every person that is here has the same goals of building lasting and meaningful sobriety. When you're with a group of people with similar goals, that shared mission becomes much more manageable.

No one knows the struggle of addiction better than someone who has walked the path. We support each other through some of the hardest times we will face; in early recovery and after. That is why fellowship is such a large part of a 12-step program.

The feeling of knowing that there are people you can count on is a feeling we've lost during active using.

Instilling that we can trust and learn to open up to others and get in touch with our innermost selves is a huge part of recovery.

Peer Support


We don't expect someone who is just entering recovery to have all the means necessary to get to and from. Many of us have lost our licenses due to DUI's and other legal issues.

We understand that this is a process while going through GateHouse Treatment, we offer transportation. We will transport you to and from therapy groups, fellowship meetings, doctors appointments, court dates and anything regarding clinical care.

The top priority while being in GateHouse Sober Community is to focus on healing and getting immersed into sobriety. While in the houses we also offer transportation to weekly grocery shopping.

When the time comes to get a job, we offer transportation to job interviews, after you gain employment it becomes your responsibility to find your transportation. This helps teach accountability and puts you another step towards assimilating back to life outside of our sober community.

Offering a safe, stable, drug and alcohol-free sober living environment is one of our top priorities. Random drug and alcohol tests are mandatory. We do this frequently to ensure the safety of the community.

As you move through the tier system of our program, the frequency may be lessened. No matter how far in the program you are if any suspicion arises, we will drug test you.

Offering a safe place for everyone to return to is the best we can do to nurture the community that has been built here. We won't allow for anyone to interrupt another persons process and safety.

This also allows for more accountability to be developed. With trust comes more responsibility and it will enable you to step out and make the right decisions and find your way in recovery.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

A Positive Atmosphere

GateHouse is dynamic; we are continually trying to improve. The only thing we refuse to change is the spirit of camaraderie. The feeling of togetherness you build while you are here is something that we will never change.

Recovery isn't always an easy road to traverse, but within our Sober Community, we make sure to uphold a safe, positive place for you to heal.

Everybody here at the houses has walked similar paths and can help each other. We can hold each other up and offer our experience. This is also why we use the tier system in our Sober Community because it allows for people just coming in to see the living proof of the principles we instill in our homes.

Having a positive, encouraging place to delve into yourself is a critical component in maintaining sobriety. It gives you a place where you know you are safe and cared about.

Many places boast the atmosphere they have, at GateHouse Sober Community we live it.

Simple words and actions can carry a lot of weight. Leading by example can give someone just coming into the community the motivation to give sobriety a shot.

Everyone involved in GateHouse Sober Community, from our clinical team to the residents, all know the positive outcome of having encouragement and motivation as a part of daily life.

When you come into our sober community broken and beaten down, having the motivation to keep going integrated into our community can save your life.

Willingness is a spiritual principle we are taught about in 12 step fellowships. Living by spiritual principles shows us how to treat ourselves, and others. When you help others, you are helping yourself as well.

Encouragement and Motivation

Financial Coaching

1-on-1 Case Management

Life Skill Training

Take Advantage of the Amenities that GateHouse Sober Community Offers

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Located in Historic Nashua, NH

GateHouse Sober Living NH is located in beautiful Nashua, NH. The only city ever to be twice named by Money magazine as the “Best Place to Live in America,”. Nashua has public transportation, shopping malls, and a few college campuses. This makes our Nashua Sober Community a prime spot for you to get reacclimated with life. It offers an array of sober activities and ways to get around. With the downtown area and malls, it gives you job sources and ways to get there. While also having the beautiful Nashua River Rail Trail where you can take advantage of hobbies you’ve explored in our Adventure Therapy!

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