GateHouse started with a simple mission. To carry the message to the addict still sick and suffering. Today GateHouse Sober Community has grown to have multiple sober homes in Nashua, NH and is helping hundreds of men find their way out of the darkness. But just like the story of an addict in recovery, it came from humble beginnings.

The idea for GateHouse hadn’t materialized yet when Nathan Irvine, Owner and Founder found his own recovery. Having been an addict himself, Nathan simply had one goal in mind, and that was to stay sober himself while helping other addicts. GateHouse was a long way away from becoming what we know it to be today, but the first steps had been taken. Once Nathan found his sobriety, he found it in such a way that it pulled him towards this new mission in life. To help others just like him find the solution he had found.

“It is a great opportunity to grab your future and get it on the right path. I learned to put one foot in front of the other and I also learned where my life recovery was going.” CT, Nashua , NH

GateHouse was growing based on a simple principle, a higher calling if you will. To help. To pull men out of the darkness. To bring their hopes of sobriety into fruition.

By 2011, GateHouse Sober Community had grown from 10 beds to 27. With this kind of rapid growth there were of course some growing pains. Trying to run two residences and 37 beds became a task that would require some help. To give these men their best shot at finding a lifetime of sobriety Nathan started looking for people to help him ensure that GateHouse could continue its mission. A mission that was now concrete and in writing. GateHouse was, “Where sobriety becomes our way of life.” With that Nathan assembled a group of people on the same mission as him and from there GateHouse became what we know it to be today. And what is GateHouse today?

GateHouse now has locations in both Nashua, NH and West Palm Beach, FL. Today they are not only providing men with the simple solution that Nathan started with, they have now have multiple levels of care and are utilizing the latest and proven therapies to ensure the men who come to stay with them have their best chance at creating a life beyond their wildest dreams. The foundation of GateHouse was built. Therapy and 12 steps working together to give men everything they needed to find sobriety and become leaders in their lives and communities. And while GateHouse is where it is today, this is only the beginning. The hope is to continue to help more and more men find a way out of the downward spiral they have been fighting for so long. The hope is to show men how sobriety can become a way of life.

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