The GateHouse Sober Community program is based on the 12 step recovery program.

Our specialized approach to sober living is structured into multiple tiers.

Tier 1 is developed to introduce each resident to the foundation of his path to recovery and sober living.

Tier 1 residents receive individual and personalized sober living recovery coaching, as well as immersion into the 12 steps of recovery. This introduces residents to the local and active recovery community, which includes the support of those who have overcome addiction themselves, and a minimum of two recovery meetings every day. Tier 1 residents also set in motion their spiritual beginning, along with access to a fitness center, and regular yoga and meditation sessions. Each resident is required to receive random alcohol and drug testing, attend meetings twice a week with a clinician, and be with a senior house member upon departure of the facility. Tier 1 residents are also introduced to the GateHouse volunteer curriculum, and local community involvement in which they will be a part of.

Tier 2 continues residents through the 12 step recovery process, with the assistance and guidance of one of GateHouse’s experts, as well as additional spiritual work and random alcohol and drug testing.

Tier 2 residents begin their path to emergence back into society through a variety of different outlets such as volunteer work, employment, or continuing education. Residents learn valuable and applicable life skills, complete mandatory community service hours, and are expected to engage full participation in house activities. Required attendance at 12 step meetings is to be expected from each resident, in addition to learning accountability and responsibility through the adherence to set house rules. Tier 2 residents continue meeting with a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, attend mandatory one-on-one sessions with their recovery coach, and strengthen spiritual guidance and enlightenment through meditation practices.

Tier 3 residents are held to higher expectations of accountability, time management, and further hone their productivity and life skills.

Residents continue working through the 12 step process with the guidance of individual experts, and begin the process of financial planning, resume building, and contributing to local community organizations. Tier 3 residents continue to receive random alcohol and drug testing, attend mandatory 12 Step meetings, and continue working one-on-one with one of our clinicians. Residents at this time are either employed full-time or are enrolled in higher education classes to further their education. Tier 3 residents now become role models and mentors to new and incoming residents, and display an active role in the recovery and sober living community.

Tier 4 residents are actively living steps 9 through 12, of the 12 step recovery process, and working as a contributing member of society.

A continued path to spiritual growth, as well as bi-weekly recovery and life coaching are established in the routine of Tier 4 residents. Each resident also further serves as a mentor to new members of sober living, and continue to withhold engagement and an active role in the recovery and sober living community. Working with new members through their own 12 step process, being held and living to a much higher set of standards, and independently budgeting with a financial consultant, empowers Tier 4 residents to develop a plan of action for their sober living departure. Residents begin the process of exiting the facility, with a set plan and network of support in place for their new lives in sobriety.or their new lives in sobriety.

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