How to Support Loved Ones in Recovery

Group therapy in session sitting in a circleAnyone who has helped their loved ones find a clean sober living community in Massachusetts knows that sobriety impacts beyond than just those suffering from addiction. Recovery often involves more than just the individual involved, and giving proper support can help their ongoing sobriety. GateHouse has a few suggestions for helping your loved ones during this difficult time, and might help relieve stress from both of your lives.

Research. One of the best ways to understand alcohol or drug addiction is to know about it. Committing time to researching the addictions your loved one is facing can help you identify possible triggers, things you can do to assist their sobriety, and making for a more positive living environment for everyone involved. 
Address challenges that might occur. Medical problems, financial difficulties, and relationship issues are all common obstacles when living with a recovering addict after treatment. Facing these problems head on and finding solutions early can help you and your loved one from facing additional hardships. 
Have open and honest conversations. Being able to have conversations about your concerns, victories, challenges, and other aspects of their addiction is an important part of rebuilding your relationship and trust with one another while working through this journey. 
Be their support system. Being a support system means supporting sobriety, and that involves more than just a shoulder to learn on. Clean your home of trigger substances, find sober activities to participate in, offer to search for AA or NA meeting points. Any little step in a positive direction can mean the difference between relapse and sobriety. 
Not giving up yourself or your integrity. Though it might be second nature to defend your loved one, it often only hurts the situation. Lying, covering up, or making excuses for your loved one’s behavior not only avoids the problem at hand, it can involve you in a toxic environment that can impact your future. 
You might be wondering what a clean sober living house near Massachusetts might offer your loved one, and why they are so essential to a new positive lifestyle. GateHouse Sober Community offers recovering addicts the tools to coping with their addictions which they can take with them when they return home to you. With more questions, call us today at (855) 448-3638.

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