Sober Birthday Activities

Gatehouse Sober Community, Nashua NHWhether this is your first or tenth sober celebration, you might find yourself scrambling to put together plans for your birthday. As a sober living facility, GateHouse often suggests to get out and do something you love, but we know it can be hard to think of something on the spot. We have a few suggestions for non-triggering activities you might want to do! 
Relax and treat yourself. This could be simple, like hanging out at your home with some friends or going to the spa, whatever you want to get some R&R. 
Eat at your favorite restaurant. Nothing says a great birthday quite like a good meal. Splurge a little at your favorite restaurant, you deserve it. 
Take some kind of class. Is dancing or cooking your passion? Get a few friends to sign up for a class and join you on your special day. 
Spend time outside. We often suggest activities like hiking or swimming to our participants, as they get you active and can be tons of fun. 
Play an indoor game. When’s the last time you went bowling or played laser tag? See if there are any in your area, and maybe grab a bite to eat! 
Go to a show. This would be something as simple as seeing a movie for finding a play, comedy act, or another production to see with friends. 
Go to a park. We’re not talking a park with ducks, think about an amusement park, a zoo, aquarium, or anything similar! 

If you or someone you love is in need of a sober living facility in or near Massachusetts, get in contact with us at GateHouse Sober Community. We can be apart of your first steps to coping you’re your addiction and help get you on a healthier path and lifestyle.

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