Manchester Denied Health State of Emergency Over Overdose Concerns

Sober living in NH from GateHouseSad news out of New Hampshire’s Queen City: Mayor Ted Gatsas of Manchester sought to have a public health state of emergency declared for Manchester from the state, however his request was denied by Governor Maggie Hassan. Gatsas has been seeking the state’s help in providing funding grants for a drug court that he says will help address the growing rate of addiction that seems to grow every passing year, threatening sober living NH for many as recognized by GateHouse Sober Community.

Hassan argued that the decisions boils down to simple dollars and cents, as well as the fact that a public health state of emergency wouldn’t endow the mayor, city, or state with any new powers to combat the illicit substance:

“I have consulted with the attorney general on this matter and declaring a state of emergency would not allow us to re-direct a federal grant, nor would it allow us to enter into a long-term funding arrangement necessary to support a drug court,” wrote Hassan. “In addition, since heroin is already an illegal substance, declaring a state of emergency would not provide new powers to remove the drug from the street as the declaration did with spice. I agree with you that this epidemic is an emergency, but unfortunately not one that can be solved in 21 days.”

As politicians argue over the means and funds available to combat heroin addiction at the municipal level, this entire ordeal serves as a reminder to people that sometimes they are the best hope for assisting people close to them who are suffering from addiction. We cannot always depend on a state-level solution for help. But one of those solutions available to you is helping someone get into sober living facilities in NH.

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