How to Lower Stress During Recovery

If there is one thing that the professionals at GateHouse Sober Community have learned a sober living community near Massachusetts and over the years as people, it’s that stress impacts everyone. For that reason alone, we recognize November 4 as National Stress Awareness Day which is acts as a day to identify and reduce the stress we have in our lives.

As we have worked with an abundance of participants in our program, we have noted many ways stress impacts those who suffer with addiction, and the different ways we can combat relapse by identifying and working our way out of these stressful situations without the help of addictive substances. Here’s a list of ways you might be able to reduce stress in your life and continue your journey in long-term recovery.

– Meditate

Jogging woman. Fitness and sport concept background.

– Work out

– Go for a walk

– Express yourself to a supportive loved one

– Confide in other sober friends

– Attend a group meeting or therapy

– Breathe deeply

– Listen to music

– Make a list of all the things you love in your life

– Talk yourself through the emotion

– Do something that makes you laugh

– Attempt to get a good night’s rest

– Drink tea

– Work on a creative project

– Do something kind for someone else

– Take a bath

– Invest in a massage or spa treatment

– Make time to have fun

– Do something you love


If you or someone you love is in need of a sober houses near Massachusetts, GateHouse Sober Community is here to help. Our experts want to work with you through the stress and other internal and external factors to live the best and healthiest life possible. With more questions about our services, please contact us today by calling (978) 726-1591.

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