Candidates’ Plans to Combat the Opioid Epidemic

Sober living in NH from GateHouseWith the presidential election just around the corner, GateHouse Sober Community pays close attention to how our leaders are hoping to combat the opioid epidemic for citizens across the United States. As a sober living house community near Massachusetts, we believe it’s important to highlight the ways both Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Gary Johnson’s plan to fight this growing concern and help our communities make fair and educated assessments of both proposals.

Trumps’ Plan:

According to Donald Trump’s website, he highlights the continued concern for New Hampshire’s current drug epidemic and the voters who have approached him with these worries. In this 40-second video, he remarks that his biggest concern is to create boarders to prevent the drugs from entering the country. From there, he wants to put money into treatment options for sufferers, and help break the habit once and for all.

Clinton’s Plan:

Hillary breaks down her $7.5 billion plan on her website by focusing on 5 areas of importance: education, treatment and recovery, first responders, prescribers, and criminal justice reform. By educating youth, ensuring sufferers have access to comprehensive treatment, increasing access to naloxone, drug monitoring programs, and prioritizing treatment over prison, Clinton believes she can address these problems head-on and create a solution.

Johnson’s Plan:

Our third party nominee has a very specific view on drug regulation, and believes that drug abuse should be treated as a health issue and not a crime, and that our country could save billions of dollars by changing our approach to dependency. According to his website, he believes that the best way to create a positive impact with those who suffer from addiction is to provide treatment options and harm-reduction programs versus incarceration and arrests.

It is up to each voter to determine which plan they ultimately agree with most, and GateHouse Sober Community is thrilled to see candidates highlight the importance this epidemic is having on our communities. Luckily, there are treatment options still available for those suffering at this very moment. We are a sober living house near Massachusetts that works with recovering addicts to improve their lives one day at a time. With more questions about our housing or services, please call us today at (855) 448-3638.

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