Benefits of Group Counseling

One of the reasons so many people utilize sober living homes at Gatehouse Sober Community is because of the advantages a group setting can offer their recovery process. Similar to support groups, group counseling is an ideal service for those seeking long-term recovery. In combination with individual and family therapy and other programs, group counseling is an ideal way to address some of the emotional and other psychological needs of the individual.

Its benefits are endless:

  • Provides the confidentiality and unbiased opinions of others
  • Delivers support and motivation from others on a similar path
  • Offers education of the recovery process
  • Gives peace of mind that they are not on this journey alone
  • Provides opportunity to problem-solve and observe issues from an outside perspective
  • Teaches positive coping skills and helps identify triggers to avoid relapse
  • Ensures the structure and schedule many are searching for in recovery
  • Allows for friendships and support systems to develop
  • Encourages feedback and assistance in times of stress or need
  • Allows for participants to learn from other’s trials and successes
  • Acts as a positive outlet for many who utilize it

There are many different types of group counseling and therapy options out there, and deciding what is best for those in recovery can be determined by a professional evaluation. Depending on the participant’s individual needs, a program can be created specific to their stage in recovery, treatment preferences, emotional stability, and more.

Fortunately, there are sober homes out there where your recovery is the only priority. GateHouse Sober Community can help you get back on your feet by providing the structure and support you need to make positive steps forward in your recovery journey.

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