Staying Sober During the Wedding Season

Sobriety MythsFor anyone who struggles with alcohol recovery, it can be difficult to attend events when triggers and substances are present. Wedding season is upon us, and we know that there are often bar services at these gatherings. Between socializing and celebrating, you might find yourself wanting to sink back into old habits. GateHouse Sober Community wants to help you combat these urges with a few simple suggestions.

One of the first ways we help our participants when they enter our sober house near MA is to begin following the 12 step process used in alcoholics anonymous. Together with our other program methods, we help others learn to cope with their past addictions by offering suggestions and other solutions to these impulses.

Invite a sober friend. They say there are power in numbers, and sometimes inviting a sober friend along to the party can be a great support system. Not only can you keep each other in check, you will have a constant to stick by your side for the duration of the event.

Be in the right frame of mind. It isn’t uncommon that when we are going through a difficult time or are dealing with difficult emotions, our urges to drink might arise. Be sure to gauge your feelings before attending the wedding and know your emotions are in check.

Consider the future. If you’re thinking about having a drink, we want you to think about the events that will follow. What if you drink too much and cause a scene? How will you feel hung over tomorrow? Knowing your potential consequences will be might help prevent relapse.

Seek support beforehand. We understand if you’re worried about attending an event, whether it is your first or tenth. Attending a support group meeting or seeking solace in other sober friends can help alleviate your concerns and offer advice for coping.

Have an exit strategy. No matter how you feel going into the night, your emotions and events can change. If you find yourself suddenly overwhelmed or out of your own control, feel okay with the idea of leaving early. Your friends or family will understand and you will save yourself from making some possibly bad decisions.

Sober houses near Massachusetts like GateHouse Sober Community offers tips and support for community members who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction everyday. If you’re finding yourself or a loved one coping with addiction, give us a call today at (855) 448-3638.

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