NH Addressed Addiction During Primary

Sober living in NH from GateHouseIn February, GateHouse Sober Community, our men’s sober living facility, noted that the New Hampshire primary was well underway and the 2016 presidential candidates were in gear, ready to take on the important issues that troubled local residents. One issue that pressed on many people’s minds and was brought up in more than once for each candidate was the issue of heroin and opiate addiction in the state.

During the days leading up to the primary, such as Governor Chris Christie, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Governor Jeb Bush visited HOPE for NH Recovery in Manchester. In these visits and interviews, many were often asked how they would combat this issue and the answers varied from candidate to candidate. Some believe a stronger Mexican border will help prevent heroin from entering the United States, while others believe recovery programs offer the best defense.

Opinions on these beliefs aside, it is important to note how many NH residents are searching for answers during troubling times. Treatment and recovery programs are limited in our state, but there are options for sober living communities in NH. Right over the Massachusetts border, GateHouse Sober Living Community is there to help those out of treatment programs regain control of their lives and work towards a healthier life as they transition back into society.

Using the traditional 12-step program and with the help of a strong, recovering community, GateHouse has been able to help heroin and other addicts rediscover themselves, mend relationships, and strive for long-term sobriety. Though the issue of heroin is far from over in New Hampshire, GateHouse is honored to be a part of the cause to end heroin addiction in the state.

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