Making Heroin Addiction Recovery a Reality For Many

Addiction recovery from GateHouse Sober CommunityThe number of heroin overdoses this year are rising to epidemic proportions in cities all across the United States, doubling or even quadrupling the number of cases seen last year. These startling and eye opening statistics call for an increase in awareness of the highly addictive and life threatening effects of heroin, and how to help those struggling with addiction. Overdose does not have to be the answer, and many recovered heroin addicts are living proof of that. The GateHouse Sober Community has and continues to pave the way for many young men, in order to take the path to our addiction recovery program, and start living the life they were meant to lead.

While many factors play into heroin addiction, the vast spike in recent times has been closely related with addictions to prescription painkillers, such as Vicodin and OxyContin. It’s estimated that close to 80 percent of those who used heroin for the first time were addicted to prescription painkillers. Becoming aware of this connection can help many recognize what path addiction can take, and encourage taking the first step to addiction recovery.

The support of the GateHouse Sober Community has helped many young men turn their lives around into becoming the person they wanted to be before the crippling effects of addiction. GateHouse combines a time-honored and proven solution, with the guidance, life skills, and empowerment needed for participants to carry on lifelong sobriety. Each step of the program is designed to carry residents through the steps necessary to break through addiction, and learn to enjoy life again. From individualized recovery coaching, to spiritual guidance and meditation, the GateHouse Sober Community utilizes effective solutions to break the destructive impacts of addiction.

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