How To Look For Signs of Alcohol Abuse

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Recovery and Alcoholism, an estimated 17 million Americans abuse alcohol in the United States. Abusing alcohol continuously or for the long-term can lead to a physical and emotional dependence, often known as alcoholism. Here are some of the common signs and symptoms to look for if you suspect a loved one may be abusing alcohol.

Differences In Mood

Some of the noticeable signs of alcohol abuse are changes in mood. This can be seen as depression or unhappiness, anxiety, mood fluctuations, anger, feelings of guilt when it comes to drinking, or other changes in mood that are not typically seen in this person.

Loss of Time At School or Work

The definition of alcohol abuse is when a person’s use of alcohol interferes with economic, physical, and or social functioning. A common sign of alcohol abuse is if an individual starts to lose time at school or work, or failing to meet obligations, duties, or promises due to drinking.

Health Issues

Certain health issues related to excessive drinking can also be a sign that someone may be abusing alcohol. This includes loss of sleep due to drinking, depression, anxiety, and an increased risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, and certain types of cancer. Long-term alcohol abuse exacerbates these health issues and risks furthermore, and can lead to permanent complications in the body.

Loss of Interest

A loss of interest in social activities, family, friends, or other activities that were once enjoyed can also be signs of alcohol abuse. A general loss of interest can eventually lead to depression, and noticing signs and symptoms that an individual is generally not themselves can be a way to help them seek guidance and help towards recovery and sobriety earlier on.

If you suspect a loved one is abusing alcohol and needs guidance on alcohol recovery and getting them help for sobriety, do not hesitate to call GateHouse Sober Community at 855-448-3638.

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