Gov. Hassan Making Narcan More Readily Available

Sober living in NH from GateHouseAt GateHouse Sober Community recovery programs, It is no secret that the heroin and opioid epidemic in New Hampshire continues to be an increasing concern for residents, healthcare professionals, and members of the judicial system. In December, Governor Maggie Hassan announce the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and Rite Aid have partnered together to make Narcan more readily available at their pharmacies.


Narcan is an opiate antidote, and has been used to save victims from fatal overdoses in the state, specifically in the cases of heroin. This medication blocks the effects of opioids and heroin, including slowed or stopped breathing, but does not effect individuals that haven’t taken opioids because there is no overdose to reverse.


Kits will be available for purchase, with two doses and instructions on use within the kit along with training from the pharmacist on administrating the drug. The governor and other officials hope to save lives while they continue work on recovery programs.


Rite Aid’s standing order allows family, friends, and abusers the chance to combat overdoses, but the need and development for recovery and treatment programs in the state will help prevent these events from occurring. New Hampshire is listed 49th in the United States for available alcohol and narcotic programs with one of the largest growing drug epidemics in the country.


GateHouse Sober Communities knows the importance of sober living and recovery programs in NH. We have been working within the Nashua community to integrate recovering addicts back into society for years, and will continue to do so as the need for these programs continues to rise.


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