5 Signs You Might be Alcohol Dependent

Denial is often associated with any kind of dependency, and GateHouse Sober Community has been a component of sober living NH in New Hampshire long enough to know some of the biggest signs that someone might be reliant on alcohol. We know how hard it is to cope with this news, and we also know it can be hard to recognize our problems. Here are 5 warning signs of alcohol consumption that might indicate you should seek help from professionals.

Lying about your drinking habits. Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re doing it, whether it’s us saying the beer cans in the trash aren’t ours or not telling our significant other we went to the bar after work. When we try to downplay our habits to avoid confrontation or conversation about it, your subconscious could be trying to tell you something.

Drinking to cope. This extends to all aspects of coping. Whether you are drinking to deal with depression, anxiety, stress or any other emotion, a reliance on alcohol to attain a specific feeling is a dangerous sign of alcohol dependency.

Struggling with personal relationships. Often times, a great indicator that dependency has become an increasing12 Step Recovery problem in our lives is relationship problems about our drinking habits. If your drinking has become a concern for others in your lives, it might be time to look at the bigger picture and understand why they are worried about you.

Losing portion control and “blacking out”. The concept of “just one drink” often doesn’t apply when we’re reliant on alcohol. When you find yourself often finishing the entire bottle of wine or not remembering your nights anytime you drink, you should consider seeking help.

Undergoing withdrawal. Not to be mistaken with a terrible hangover, withdrawal can and often does occur with those who drink often enough. Shaking, vomiting, mood swings, depression, and anxiety are all symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and should be noted if they happen to you.

If you find yourself not being able to quit your alcohol use, it might be time to consider treatment. GateHouse Sober Community offers sober living NH near Massachusetts and helps our residents get back on their feet and lead healthier lives. Give us a call today at (855) 448-3638 to talk to our experts about your options.

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