20 Sober Fun Activities

For many of the young people entering recovery, being able to find fun and exciting activities for weekends seem to be their biggest fear with sober living. After all, there is a huge void of to fill after the effort and time many of us put into using drugs and alcohol and finding ways and means to get more. Newcomers often feel they have to give up “fun” in recovery. Actually, it’s the opposite. Here at GateHouse Treatment, we try to show our clients a taste of this by planning weekend activities for the men to enjoy with sober living.

The fun I have found in sobriety with the people in the fellowship is the most genuine and fulfilling excitement I could ask for. Here is a list of 20 ideas for sober weekend activities you and your sober friends can plan:

  1. Have some friends over for a dinner party.
  2. Take part in sports you may enjoy. Find a local football, baseball, or recreational basketball league.
  3. Buy a cookbook and try learning new recipes you can try out on your family, friends, or roommates.
  4. Join a gym and make it part of your daily routine.
  5. Go bowling
  6. Plan a road trip or a vacation out of the country to explore new places you’ve never been.
  7. Visit a local bookstore and pick a new book to read.
  8. Go to an amusement park
  9. Try a do it yourself (DIY) craft
  10. Visit a zoo, aquarium, or planetarium
  11. Take up a new instrument
  12. Volunteer and give back to your community as living amends
  13. Watch that new movie in the theaters
  14. Plan a weekend day picnic at a park with a group of friends
  15. Go to a comedy show
  16. Book yourself on a sober cruise
  17. See a musical at the local playhouse
  18. Get outside and go for a hike on a nature trail
  19. Go to laser tag
  20. Take you time. Meditate. Do yoga.

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