Higher Education

Higher Education is Still Possible with Recovery

Many of us have given up on the thought of furthering our education while using. Continuing education often falls by the wayside; addiction takes precedence over everything in our lives. The thought of going back to school usually frightens more than it excites most in early recovery. At GateHouse, we help push you to rediscover the dreams you once had. In addition to guiding you through the recovery process, we help you achieve your goals through encouraging continuous education.

Pursuing further education can open a world of possibilities. A degree and career can set you up for success and help you reclaim your independence. When you become a resident of the GateHouse community, you can come to expect the resources, support, and guidance we have to offer. We have experience rebuilding lives and reawakening dreams that the disease of addiction has taken from you. We will guide you every step of the way. The road to success starts with getting sober, but that is just the beginning. GateHouse is staffed with a team dedicated to helping you through all aspects of pursuing higher education and achieving your goals. This includes:

  • Assistance with the application process
  • Coursework and assignment support
  • Resum√© building
  • Career planning and searching

When you pursue your education, it gives you another purpose in a life full of fulfillment. Many of us have been broken down and beaten for a long time and need support to rebuild our lives. We understand this very well at GateHouse. Nourishing your mind along with your body and spirit is how we treat our three-fold disease. Let us help you to excel and live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Recovery isn’t just about learning how to stay sober – it’s much more than not using substances. Recovery is about building a life that is worth living for. We promote a complete lifestyle change. The GateHouse Sober Community is here to help you fully embrace that. Our sober community is located in the great city of Nashua. Our Nashua location opens the door to opportunity and options when it comes to colleges and universities. For further information, please visit the websites listed below.

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