The path to a healthy functional sober life has been quite a journey for our son. After spending 28 days in Dallas, Andrew was encouraged to go to Nashua, New Hampshire to live at Gatehouse Sober Community. The changes that we saw in him were remarkable. Gatehouse staff was able to connect with Andrew and show him they were reliable, consistent, and would guide him in his path to sobriety. They did not let him down.

From the very beginning, Nathan and Ed took the time to speak with me on the phone for as long as it took to reassure me that he was in a place that understood addictions. They gave me hope that Andrew would be cared for and that his path would take time and growth would occur. They answered all our questions and explained what we might expect in the course of his recovery. Even though nobody could predict the future, I felt that he was in the best possible place to give him a chance to continue recovery. They helped explain to me that the road to recovery would take time and there were changes that he would go through. They supported our family in every step of the way.

When Andrew first entered Gatehouse he was struggling to save his own life. He had a lot of anger, anxiety and sadness. The 12 step approach of AA and the back up resource of Gatehouse gave him confidence and dignity. We noticed that, although it did take time and courage, he was more relaxed and even learned to laugh again. He was very motivated to work the steps. His growth was remarkable. He became happy and part of a community that understood and facilitated his chance to return to a life of health and satisfaction. The Andrew we knew from 10 years ago had started to emerge again.

Andrew truly appreciated all that he was given at Gatehouse. He learned that he was responsible and accountable to others. He gained many strong friendships that will be his friends for life. The support from Nathan Irvine and Ed McDonough was always there for him. They were generous enough to even attend and attest to his progress when he went to court to be accountable for his behavior. Ed traveled over 400 miles to be with him during his court date. His support eased Andrew’s anxiety over his legal situation.

We cannot speak highly enough for the unselfish acts of support for our son. As a family, we will always be grateful and we know we were fortunate and blessed that Andrew was directed to live at Gatehouse.

Patty K., Baltimore, Md.


If you are reading this note you or a loved one may be considering living at The Gatehouse Sober Living Community in Nashua New Hampshire. I lived 4 hours away in the mountains of The Adirondacks in Upstate New York, , but I moved there for their program because it was my last chance. I wish I had tried it sooner!

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My son’s sponsor recommended The Gate House and after speaking with the owner, I could see why he did. The owner answered all of my many questions with patience & compassion. The owner continues to be readily available to address my concerns throughout my son’s recovery.

The placement we chose was validated when I visited my son for the first time at The Gate House. As a concerned parent, I left my son feeling very comfortable with our choice. The other residents & house manager were genuinely friendly and the house was clean and well kept. I got a good feel of the house!

In addition, my son has expressed he feels safe here and is treated well and with respect.

If you have a loved one in recovery who needs a sober home & don’t know who to call, call The Gate House.

I am grateful we discovered The Gate House & remain hopeful knowing my son’s is just where he needs to be for now. – Cathy, Massapequa, NY

“Opportunities started opening up for me. My health changed for the better. I continued to go to meetings. Now I can look people in the eye and have a meaningful conversation. I started setting goals for myself.”Troy, Nashua, NH

“If We had a chance to speak to someone who is considering sending their son to the GateHouse, we would let them know it’s a great program. The house is run wonderful.

You need rules and structure for your son and you will get it there. We wouldn’t want our son anywhere else. When our son relapsed we knew to call the GateHouse because he needed the help they could offer, and just one year later we are doing better thanks to their help.”
Parents, Donald and Judy

“It is a great opportunity to grab your future and get it on the right path. I learned to put one foot in front of the other and I also learned where my life recovery was going.”CT, Nashua , NH

“The GateHouse sober house was chosen in this instance because of previous good results, and because it has a reputation for being able to actually help and reach people dealing with addiction.

The results I saw was a transformation of the person I knew who was struggling with addiction and with other life issues, into someone who was recognizing his problems, and more importantly recognizing the solution to those problems, and taking the appropriate actions to correct them.

I highly recommend the GateHouse. I think the sense of unity and the bonds and connections made with other occupants of the house are crucial to the recovery process.” – Scott

“Give yourself a chance to make some good choices. The people that are here want you to succeed in life.” – Craig

“I would strongly recommend the GateHouse halfway house. Not many places offer the addict or alcoholic a safe place to live and guidance on how to recover from addiction.

You will be introduced to people who were in a “seemingly hopeless state of mind” that have recovered and are now a functioning member of society.

The team at the GateHouse will offer advice and how they recovered and get you on the path to making better life decisions using the 12 step program.

My biggest recommendation would be to give yourself the best chance to succeed and trust the people that have already gone through it, like the GateHouse staff.” – Ed M., Boston, MA