GateHouse Drug Treatment Programs

Step Series: Step One

GateHouse Sober Community participates in the 12-step fellowships of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous starting with when they are in drug and alcohol rehab, and continuing thereafter to achieve long-term sobriety. Members of the Sober Community have sponsors and attend meetings regularly while taking personal time to work on steps with sponsors. We encourage a…

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Beating Addiction with GateHouse Sober Living Homes

The Twelfth Step

What is a Service Commitment? The Twelve Step fellowships of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and drug and alcohol treatment programs with sober living are mainly centered around being of service, and becoming a reliable and trustworthy person. There are many ways to be of service in the fellowships. As a newcomer, you…

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Support at GateHouse Sober Living Homes

Benefits of Group Counseling

One of the reasons so many people utilize sober living homes at Gatehouse Sober Community is because of the advantages a group setting can offer their recovery process. Similar to support groups, group counseling is an ideal service for those seeking long-term recovery. In combination with individual and family therapy and other programs, group counseling is…

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Group Support at GateHouse Rehabs

How Positive Relationships Help Recovery

Humans are social creatures by nature, and nearly everyone values their past and current relationships. After entering transitional housing at GateHouse Sober Community many participants realize that some relationships can be toxic for our well-being and act as triggers, which can lead to relapse. Just as unhealthy relationships can hurt our recovery, there are many…

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Financial Advice at Gatehouse Sober Living House

Do You Need Out-Of-State Treatment?

  With so many treatment options out there, many recovering addicts might find it difficult to locate the right facility for them to continue their sobriety journey. GateHouse is transitional housing near Massachusetts that has received inquiries from out-of-state participants in the past and we understand why. There are so many great facilities out there, and there…

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How to Support Loved Ones in Recovery

Anyone who has helped their loved ones find a clean sober living community in Massachusetts knows that sobriety impacts beyond than just those suffering from addiction. Recovery often involves more than just the individual involved, and giving proper support can help their ongoing sobriety. GateHouse has a few suggestions for helping your loved ones during this difficult time, and might help…

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